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Worksheet (2001-2007) is comprised of assorted paper and ephemera spanning six years. Forgotten to-do lists, notes, ideas, tests, and other scraps were collected as a way to not only archive the past but to create a new narrative from what otherwise would be lost. Worksheet (2001-2007) began as a 13'x8' hanging paper installation which was installed in the Rochester Contemporary Sibley Center Window in March of 2007. After the installation I seperated each of the 12"x12" sewn squares, scanned them, and created a limited edition book. The hand-bound book reuses the original paper pieces as the covers.

full color, hardcover, pamphlet sewn, unique front and back covers, 64 pages, 7.5" x 7.5"
Limited edition of 40. Purchase a copy via paypal below.

// original 13'x8' hanging paper installation front
// original 13'x8' hanging paper installation back
// limited edition book cover
// interior book pages